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Engaging content
with educational value

Edutainment is storytelling for applied learning. Learn through another's story, and see it through their eyes. The story determines the medium.

Formats & Types


Documentaries, Bio Pics, Short Mini-Series, Shows


Interviews, Narratives, Research, Analysis


Futurist Talks, Personal Stories, Big Ideas


Virtual Summits, Roundtables, Breakouts


Audio Books, Case Studies, Reports, White Papers

"Edutainment is where the heart meets the brain in storytelling."

Lea Brandt
Executive Director
Center for Health Ethics
University of Missouri

[Filled with emotion and guilt, after the death of her father, Clinical Ethicist Lea Brandt addresses end-of-life decisions in this dramatic documentary originally crafted for academic hospitals and health profession schools.]

"Edutainment let's me tell stories of the best in people."

Jen Greenstreet
Former Prosecuting Attorney

[Prior to being a filmmaker at Just Like You Films, Jen was a criminal trial lawyer.  Now, and for the past 16 years, she has tackled stereotypes and labels across a verity of health topics.]

"Edutainment is what teens and young adults connect with the most."

Pooja Jain
Podcast Host
Pre-Med Student | Mental Health Advocate
Teen Council, #ZeroReasonsWhy

[Pooja started a podcast to offer perspective and help teens through the pandemic.]