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A platform for applied learning &
active problem solving

What problem do you want to solve?

Answering this question is where it all begins for us. EnRICHLY brings together active problem solvers with applied learning in the classroom. It is used by practitioners, educators and students. The platform is full of learning networks across a social movements and educational strands.
EnRICHLY includes playlists, projects and conversations from communities of scholars, scientists, as well as social entrepreneurs all putting knowledge into application to address problems.  It is a place to work together and learn from one another.  
Whether you've been working in a field for decades, or just starting, EnRICHLY is here to help you fulfill your calling.


One of the primary goals for EnRICHLY is to close the gaps in learning by connecting students, educators and practitioners in a real-world environment around applied problem-solving.
EnRICHLY's curated platform is designed to provide learning opportunities, not to teach. Find out how you can go beyond.


EnRICHLY is an ecosystem of productive problem-solving, harnessing the power of ideas, stories and opinions.


Find strategies others are applying to address the problem.


Hear stories that will expand the way you think, learn and speak about a topic. 

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Find common ground and work together with others toward shared goals.