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Engineering, Biosciences, Childhood Trauma, Diabetes, SEL, Social Determinants of Health
Dennis Maguire
Dennis Maguire
Fmr President of Distribution for Disney & Paramount
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"If you like TED talks, you'll love EnRICHLY. Edutainment is storytelling for applied learning."
Brian O"Connor
Brian O"Connor
Futures Without Violence, Director of Public Education
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"EnRICHLY is doing for education, what Spotify did for music. It helps scale community engagement."
Pooja Jain
Pooja Jain
Podcaster, Pre-Med Student, Mental Health Advocate
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"The EnRICHLY platform builds empathy, creates understanding, and brings context to systemic problems."


Frequently Asked Questions

EnRICHLY is an edutainment social learning platform where students, educators and practitioners share stories, collaborate on strategic projects and learn from one another.

EnRICHLY contains edutainment.  Edutainment is engaging content with educational value.  This includes films, podcasts, books, keynote talks, blog posts, projects and events.  It’s storytelling to complement learning in the workplace and the classroom.

Become a member, purchase an EnRICHLY Premium individual or group subscription.  Then, tell a friend, get engaged and join a group. 

EnRICHLY’s goal is to close the gaps in learning between students, educators and practitioners on important systemic issues.  Industry and academic partners are participating by forming collaborative learning networks.

EnRICHLY Premium costs $9.99/mo. Premium is FREE for all students and K-12 educators.  We sell subscriptions in order to keep Premium free to Students and Educators. Free basic member accounts are available.

Summer 2021.  EnRICHLY launched on desktop first, in Fall 2020, with pilot partners to test its design and functionality.


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