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Housing is a priority health equity issue.
The Housing Equity Project is a collaborative project between Johnson County, the cities, and the Johnson County Health Equity Network, a multi-sector collaborative convened by UCS of Johnson County, to improve housing affordability and choice for all. 

Task Force Members

Thank for you agreeing to take on this challenge, together.  Please use this webpage to prepare for meetings and keep the conversation going.  Please read the articles below and answer the corresponding questions.

Housing Equity Learning Network

EnRICHLY is proud to work with the UCS Health Equity Network to launch the very first Housing Equity Learning Network.  The goal is to share insight, collaborate and learn strategies to address disparities in health outcomes, starting with housing.  Log on to EnRICHLY and find the brand new movement, Housing Equity. 

Step 1: Read the Articles Below

The below articles will provide context for our meetings and continued conversations.
7.) VIDEO: Where you Live Matters: One County’s History of Housing, Race & Health

Step 2: Answer the Questions Below

Let's have a productive conversation. Your input matters. Throughout this project responses will be monitored and new questions added from time to time.

Housing for All

Mayors from across Johnson County are coming together to address key priorities in Housing.  


THE BARriers

Amy Falk
Amy Falk
CEO, Health Partnership Clinic
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“The patients that we see often struggle with... a choice between housing, taking their medicine or going to the physician's office.”
Michelle Hogerty
Michelle Hogerty
COO, United Way Greater Kansas City
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“One of the building blocks of our mission at the United Way of Greater Kansas City is to improve health outcomes. The work is important because we know there are great disparities in health outcomes for people based on where they live.”
Tom Herzog
Tom Herzog
COO, Netsmart
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"At the core of community is housing. There should be an opportunity and place for all generations to reside, which meets their needs. Our input is needed now."


If you’re interested in getting involved, and want to chat with project leaders directly, drop us a note.  Contact information is also available at the bottom of this page.

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